The White Ajah

Ajah Mission

Sisters of Logic. Cold, calculating, devoid of all emotion. The White Ajah is known for its abstention from the day to day workings of the world. Truth is their goal, and Sisters of the White Ajah can be ruthless in the pursuit of it. Members of the White Ajah make perfect questioners because of their ability to shut out emotions and focus only on the truth and the gaining of the truth. Sisters who choose the White Ajah upon Raising to the Shawl are rarely actually unfeeling and without emotion. Only when you are sure enough of the emotions within yourself, can you then find them in others and take them out of the words they speak or the actions they make to find the truth of a situation.

The White Ajah knows that the world of men is a world filled with emotion. It is the firmly held belief of the Sisters that, if you can peel off the layers of emotion like the skins from an onion, you can reach the heart of any matter.

If you have any questions about the White Ajah or would like to join the Ajah, please contact Chaelca, the AGL, or the Ajah Head (currently vacant).

Concepts most likely to join:
Philosophers, teachers, writers, free thinkers

Current Leadership and Members:
Head of the Ajah*: Thanelle Kelwgar (NSW) – Controlled by current OOC Ajah Head – [Position Not Currently Assigned]

Sitters of the Hall

Adrai Tynin – (NSW)

Lissandra Trelaine – poetstorm

Thanelle Kelwgar – (NSW)


White Ajah Aes Sedai (Active)

Astradore Amare – Jagen Sedai

Lillian Tremina – Lih-Lyh (formerly minisamus)


White Ajah Aes Sedai (Inactive/MIA)

Tayva ni Ayvery t’Reyon – Former First Reasoner – Taei

Carelia Noradien – Perine

Leala Gymorraine – Leala Gymorraine

Lillith Izmorova – Raeyn

Sherrhiana Thymus – Liitha

Taeadra Culthane –  Taeadra


NSW (Non-Specific Writer) Characters
These are characters who are basically Non-Player Characters (NPCs); while usually controlled or made by one person, they stay in world even if their writer/poster disappears. Ajah Heads are always NSWs but are listed above; Sitters, who may be NSWs or PCs, are also listed above.

NSW Sisters

Charlotta Sharlandt  – Killed at Dumai’s Wells

Ismine Dorl

Khassefeh Avendire  – Killed in the Black Ajah Hunt RP

Mariith Avendire – Killed in the Black Ajah Hunt RP

Suzaku Nalemar

Umeka Marhadi

Former Whites (PCs): Those who have disappeared, been stilled or died.

Quatilina (aka Suela)



* Note: The Head of the Ajah is a carefully guarded secret. You will not know who any Head of an Ajah is IC’ly unless you are a member of that Ajah. White sisters call their Ajah Head First Reasoner.