Commonly Used Words & Abbreviations

PSW – Portal Stone World or sometimes called DRPSW for Dragon Reborn Portal Stone World (our RP world and main forums)

AS – Aes Sedai

N/A – Novices and Accepted

RPGL – Role Play Group Leader (in charge of the role-playing for each Group)

RP Group – A group in the Roleplaying side of Dragonmount based around on certain type of characters. IE: Aes Sedai, Wolfkin, Aiel etc.
RP Groups and Social Groups (group in the Community side of the DM) are completely separate things, eg. you can be Aes Sedai in the Social side but you”d still have to start as novice in the RP side.

IC – In Character (written words about what is currently being said or done in the PSW world)

OOC – Out of Character is often written as OOC (written words usually posted in the PSW world that are the author/player”s comments. Not to be mistaken for what their character is doing or saying.)

Community – The area where players come to chat about the books and life in general. A group based off of friendship rather than role-play. DO NOT confuse this with OOC. The community boards were once one with the RP boards here at Since their separation people have been asked not to discuss RP on the Community boards. There are general discussion boards in the Division RP boards where you can discuss RP. The community is its own entity and referring to it as the OOC area or forums is often viewed poorly by community only members who do not take part in the RP. Please respect their feelings.

Social Groups – Groups are the Community side of the Dragonmount. The Social Group names are based on the groups and nations from the books, but do not necessarily mirror their namesakes exactly. For example, the White Tower Social Group is open to both men and women.

MoN – Mistress of Novices (A character in charge of all the Novice characters in play, usually a strict mother like figure.)

Mistress of Kitchens – Character in charge of the Tower Kitchen; NPC named Laras.

Ajah Head (HoA) – Character who oversees and directs her Ajah. Sometimes is a Sitter, but not always. This position often has a special title in each Ajah. For example: Green = Captain General & Red = Highest.

Sitter –  A Character, either a PC or NSW, who sits in the Hall of the Tower to represent her Ajah. OOCly, they are chosen by the Ajah Head. ICly, they may be either voted in by their Ajah, such as the Green Ajah, or picked by the Ajah head.

Amyrlin Seat – Character in charge of leading the Aes Sedai. The current Amyrlin is Shevara Edosian, a former Sitter of the Red Ajah, who is the successor of Annais Nevelle of the Gray Ajah.

Keeper of the Chronicles – Character who assists the Amyrlin. Currently the Keeper is Raslyn Altearin of the Red Ajah, who succeeded Aramina sur Dulciena of the Green Ajah

Admins – People who make sure that everything is all right in the PSW. Admins are in charge of the Main Plotline and the One Power and Weapon score systems. They are also the people you go to if you have problems with your Division leader.

RP Administrators – The highest authority in the PSW. For DR PSWs are Taymist and Winterwinds.

PC – Player Character (character portrayed by someone out there just like you)

NSW – “Non-Specific Writer” – Character who makes a quick appearance in some RP. Eg. A waitress who comes to take your orders or Mistress Elin in Shienaran Style Spa are NPCs.

TPC – Character who was created by a player for the purposes of a specific plotline. This character may exceed the channeler limit but upon submission of a bio you must detail out the purpose of the TPC and the EXACT time and nature of its exit from the DRPSW Ie: death, disappears, etc.