The Red Ajah

Ajah Mission

The Sisters of the Red Ajah are the guardians of humanity. They are at the forefront of the battle against the Shadow, doing what must be done to protect not only themselves, but everyone else. They are reviled as man-haters, as cold-hearted witches, and as the cruelest of women, but this is not who they are. Look more closely at the Red Ajah and you will see most Reds love men. Not like, but love with all their hearts. They go to extreme lengths to save some of them, those poor men who can channel, from hurting themselves and others. Their Sisters feel sorrow and pity in their duties for they know that the channeler is harmed. But they also know that in so doing, they are prolonging his life and ensuring that he will not destroy everyone he cares for while rotting alive. It used to be that as a Red you could do anything you chose except bond a Warder. A Red cannot know the next man she will have to gentle, and how cruel of them would it be to ask an Aes Sedai to gentle her own Warder? Now a Red Sister must make the ultimate sacrifice – she must bond a man. Not just any man, but a man who is doomed to go insane, to destroy the world, to rot until he dies in front of her. She must somehow protect him, while also protecting the world from him. The Reds must now bond men who can channel – how else can the Asha’man be dealt with now that they may not be gentled?

The Reds are selfless in purpose, forfeiting everything by becoming that which men most hate and fear, while keeping them alive. But for all the Red Ajah does, the Sisters are still hated and shunned. The Reds embrace the hate and are made stronger by it. Nowhere else will you find the unity and pride of the Red Ajah.

If you have any questions about the Red Ajah or would like to join the Ajah, please contact Chaelca, the AGL, or the Ajah Head, Jagen Sedai.

Concepts most likely to join:
The Red Ajah is very open to all manner of concepts from politicians, to healers, to warriors. Much like the Brown Ajah their very ‘narrow’ mission makes them open to a great many things. However, the Red Ajah is the largest in the books due to the general public’s perception of Aes Sedai as those who hunt men who can channel; thus girls who go to the Tower to train often end up becoming Reds.

Current Leadership and Members:


Amyrlin & Keeper of the Chronicles

Shevara Edosian – Amyrlin (Raised from the Red) – Muirenn

Raslyn Altearin – Keeper of the Chronicles (Raised from the Red) – Kara_J


Ajah Head (Highest)

Phaedra si Artema Dematre (NSW) – Controlled by current OOC Ajah Head – Jagen Sedai

Sitters of the Hall

Jagen Halin – Sitter – Jagen Sedai

Tatiana Muireach – NSW (controlled by Arie)

Viviana di Corra – NSW (Was also Sitter when Shevara Edosian was made Amyrlin)

Red Ajah Aes Sedai

Carraidhin Glass – Sister – Arie

Elin Hawes – Sister – Phelix

Saline Wastrel – Sister – Lih-Lyh

MIA /LOA / Quit/ Inactive

Larindhra Reyne – MoN (Retro) / Former Sitter – Elgee

Jasmyne Ceres – Former Sitter – Tigara

Maegan Ryanne – Sister (former Highest/Sitter – Now Retired) – Arie

Zarinen Rafaliva – (Former Highest) – Elgee

Rayne Leséduire – (Sister) MIA – Rayne

Zania al’Denai – (Sister) MIA – Zania

Perine Caral – (Former Highest) MIA/Gone [character presumed dead] – Perine

Leona – 2006 – [character presumed dead] – Leona

Carise Doraile – (Sister) MIA

Faile al´Rahien – (Sister) MIA-  Left the site.

Lauren Arrel – (Sister)


NSW (Non-Specific Writer) Characters
These are characters who are basically Non-Player Characters (NPCs); while usually controlled or made by one person, they stay in world even if their writer/poster disappears. Ajah Heads are always NSWs but are listed above; Sitters, who may be NSWs or PCs, are also listed above.

NSW Sisters

Allegra Toren – NSW (Pre-Main Timeline RPs, NSW was captured or killed in Dumai’s Wells RP.)

Anthea Luin – NSW – 31-05-2009 by Rasheta Ardashir

Caval Laralyn – NSW

Portia Larisen – NSW – 19-08-2009 by minisamus

Presea Reimar – NSW

Saya Rishida – NSW – 31-08-2009 by Jaydena

Zara Corez – NSW

Zedanya Mioro – NSW – Chosen to head the Ajah’s Eyes-and-Ears network

Former Reds:

Muirenn Alianin – Burned out during Watchers; now FL character – Muirenn

Telcia Dyfell – 18-04-2007 – retired to Kin – Miya

Anita Briar – an NSW/NPC who died in a 999 NE RP

* Note: The Head of the Ajah is a carefully guarded secret. You will not know who any Head of the Ajah is ICly unless you are a member of that Ajah. Red Ajah members call their Ajah Head the Highest.