White Tower Timeline

A Note on the Absence of Dates/Years
: There is conflict between the official PSW Timeline, WT events, and PCs referring to what events happened when, thus dates are not given. However, everything listed is still in the correct chronological order in relation to other RPs, and/or who was Amyrlin when an event occurred. Real life dates are given in some cases, however, this date reflects only when a thread began. If the thread lasted for a very long time (years), the ending date is also listed.

Also, do not be discouraged that nothing is listed after 2009. We’re still active, but less Earth-shattering events are happening!


Current Year – 1001 NE (Beginning of the Year)


1000 NE

New Alliances. The Red Ajah and the Black Tower Asha’man agree to Bond each other. The bonding occurs. Soon, the news spreads to the entire Tower, and other sisters are given permission to bond Asha’man as well. [Link] [AUG 2009]

Cleansing of Saidin. This was never RPed out, but the Black Tower reserves the right to Retro RP it, if so desired.

Bowl of the Winds RP. [Part 1] [Part 2] [Side Thread] A group of Aes Sedai seek the Bowl of the Winds. [Not RPed Out: A group of Aes Sedai, Windfinders and Kin use the Bowl of the Winds to counter the Dark One’s touch on the world and set the weather right again. Immediately after the BotW is used, the group is attacked by Shadow forces, including several Black Sisters that were part of the Aes Sedai group. The Shadow tries to steal several of the Power items, including the BotW. Many losses occurred on both sides but eventually the BotW is retrieved, a Black Sister captured and the rest of the Shadow forces flee the scene. The Black Ajah is known to exist (at least among those who took part in the Bowl of the Winds RP).] [MAR 2009]

The Kin: The White Tower Knows. [Link Unknown/RP Missing? Maybe Not RPed] Aes Sedai approach the Kin in Ebou Dar and inform them that the White Tower has always known of their existence. They offer the Kin a chance to return to the Tower and train to become Aes Sedai with the freedom to continue their lives and work, under Tower supervision; in return, the White Tower requests their help with the Bowl of the Winds, which has been in Kin’s possession ever since it was lost to the Tower. In addition, the Aes Sedai also mentions that any Aes Sedai willing to do so will be allowed to retire in to the Kin.

Shevara Edosian, a Red Sitter, is Raised to the Stole and becomes Amyrlin Seat. Raslyn Altearin is appointed Keeper. [Link 1] [Link 2] [OCT 2008]

Annais Nevell dies in a fall from her horse (as far as everyone is told).

Annais, as Amyrlin Seat, formally recognizes the Black Tower.

– The Shadow abandons Kandor, and takes Shienar and Arafel.

Annais Nevell is Raised to the Stole. The aggressive negotiations she took part in during the Watcher’s RP, which was with the Black Tower, was one reason she was Raised as Amyrlin. [Link] [SEP 2007]

Sirayn Sedai, the Amyrlin Seat, is deemed missing.

Watchers RP Concludes. [WT/All Ajahs] After negotiations with the new leadership in the White Tower, the sisters captured by the Black Tower were freed and the bonds dissolved. A while later an official Black Tower delegation entered the White Tower peaceably. [Link 1] [Link 2] [Link 3] [SEPT 2007-JUL 2009]

– Kandor RP. Sisters try to help Kandor. [Link 1] [Link 2] [MAR 2007]

Watchers RP Begins. [WT/All Ajahs] [Link]  The White Tower sent an expedition in search of the Farm, and a battle ensued resulting in the death or capture of all involved Aes Sedai. Captured sisters are forcibly bonded by Asha’man. Muirenn is burned out and can no longer channel. [APR 2007]

– Rebellion against Aiel in Cairhien.

Sirayn Simeone becomes the Amyrlin Seat. [Link] [DEC 2006]

– Illian is freed from the Forsaken by the Dragon Reborn and receives the country’s allegiance.

Dumai’s Wells. [This RP happened in 2005 or pre-April 2006]. Ashaman, DM Aiel and Aes Sedai join forces to free the DR from his capture, while at the same time the Shaido Aiel were also battling the kidnapping Sisters in an attempt to gain possession of the Dragon. They were all defeated, the DR freed and quite a number of kidnappers captured. Some Sisters died.

One Last Stand RP. Caladesh, a Dreadlord/M’aeshadar, wreaks havoc in the White Tower; Lyanna (Keeper) is killed, among others, and Lanfir (Amyrlin) was burnt out and disappeared. (Caladesh was murdered by Lanfir in his cell; public knowledge is only that he was executed by the White Tower). [Link 1] [Link 2] [Link 3] [Link 4] [Link 5] [APR 2006]

– My Brothers Keeper RP Concludes. [Red Ajah] [Link] [MAR 2006]

– The Dragon Reborn deals with a number of hostilities leading up to his kidnapping by Aes Sedai in Cairhein. A hunt and rescue force from Asha’man, DM Aiel and Aes Sedai was formed and sent out to retrieve the Dragon Reborn.

– The Dragon Reborn leads the Aiel out of the Threefold land, behind the Shaido Aiel who take over Cairhein. The Aiel along with the help of the Band flush the Shaido out of Cairhien. Some Aes Sedai help in liberating the city.

– In the months after the Dragon has taken Tear, the Sitters find out that the Amyrlin Karana Majin knew about him all along. They try to bring her under heel but she refuses. The Hall sees no other option but to Depose and Still her. Lanfir Leah Marithsen becomes the Amyrlin Seat with the support of the Red/Gray/Green faction. Whites act as the decisive factor and other Ajahs support her choice over Asyndara of the Blue when Lanfir promises to take a Blue Keeper. Asyndara is exiled from the WT. Lanfir fails to keep her promise and chooses her old friend Lyanna instead and this angers Blues, Browns and Yellows who actively form an faction that opposes the rest of the Hall.

– The Dragon Reborn declares himself and takes Tear. Soon after, word spreads that Tear is now a land of amnesty for male channelers. The Black Tower moves from Saldaea to Tear, as far as the public (and the Tower) knows.

– The Seanchan retreat and conquer Tanchico instead. The Correnne arrives with the DotNM, and all of Tarabon is put under Seanchan rule. The main resistance comes from the Sea Folk, many of whom are captured or killed.

– The Shadow takes Kandor.

– Bandar Eban. The Horn of Valere is sounded and the world witnesses a red-headed boy battle one of the Forsaken in the sky. He receives a wound in his side as he slays the Forsaken but still refuses to acknowledge himself as the Dragon Reborn. During the battle, the Band, Wolfkin, and Aiel threw themselves against the invading Seanchan army, which breaks and retreats to regroup. Several Sea Folk captives escape and flee to Tanchico where they join the vessels docked there.

– Nana is allowed immediately to take the test for Accepted upon arrival, which is rare, while Eldwene is put in novice white. The girls meet with Elnora again who’s been at the Tower since their last encounter and they form a close friendship. The Amyrlin recruits the two Two Rivers girls to hunt down the Black Ajah but Elnora won’t be left out and insists that they include her. They are taken by a Black Sister (unknown to them) to Eban Bandar to be handed to the Seanchan so they will be out of the way. Only Elnora is taken damane though, while Nana and Eldwene manage to escape and hide in nearby villages and woodland, devising some sort of rescue for Elnora.

– Seanchan take over Bandar Eban.

Eye of the World events; [Horn is found, etc]. The Hunt for the Horn begins.

– A large Trolloc horde attacks Tar Valon but is rebuffed.

Hunt for Namandar RP. [Green, Brown Ajahs]. A text is found detailing the ruins of a city from the Age of Legends; the Green Sitters (Sirayn, Eleanor, Taya) seek Amyrlin Karana’s permission to go investigate it and a missing sister, Tilana Sedai (NPC), tied to it. The mission is lead by Sirayn, who is variously accompanied by Kaylan, Jehanine, Lwena, Egwainne, and Raeyn Sedai (Sitter), as well as a few other Browns (TPC AS included: Leilani, Ellvara, Nydylia, Vira, Darealle Sedai). The Aes Sedai are accompanied by their Gaidin and some Tower Guards.
Various events occurred; Lanfir, Lyanna were found after a very long absence; while in the ancient and rediscovered city, the party is attacked by the Forsaken Belal, a dreadlord with him and various Shadowspawn; the body of Tilana and her Warder are found; Leilani and Nydylia are killed; Namandar collapsed into the ocean from the One Power battle that occurred. [Part 1 Unavailable] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8] [Part 9 Conclusion]
–  While all the Green Sitters are gone on their mission, a Law is passed that requires Sisters embarking from the White Tower on dangerous missions to have the Hall’s permission. Upon returning, the Green Sitters strongly oppose and join the Red/Gray faction.

Crimson RP. [Red Ajah] False Dragon Jaron Alainin poses as the Dragon Reborn and is captured by Red Sisters in Arad Doman. He is displayed in every major city along the way to Tar Valon, to expose him for a fraud to as many people as possible. The delegation makes for Caemlyn to be presented to the Queen in the last stop before Tar Valon. Afterwards he was taken to Tar Valon where he is gentled and kept to prevent the characteristic suicide attempts. While the Red Sitters were chasing him, the Gentling Law was changed. The Gray Sisters are the only ones who opposed. When the Red Sitters returned the Grays formed an alliance with them.

– False Dragon Dramon Calgar founds the Black Tower in Saldaea.

Emond’s Fielders leave the Two Rivers [Reference Point Only; No Effect on WT]

– 986 NE – Karana Majin is Raised to the Stole. Arette Nentiar is Keeper. (Brown) – 10 Year Reign.

985 NE – The Shadows Eye RP. [Yellow/Red Ajah & CotS]

976-8 NE – Aiel War

972-5 NE – Andor-Cairhien War

950 NE – Fall of the Malkier.

917 NE – Fal Dara RP.

910 NE
Borderland RP begins. [Green Ajah]

825 NE – Kathana Travelear is Raised to the Stole. Many Keepers. (Brown) – 161 Year Reign [She is the first OC Amyrlin of DM]

817 NE – Parania Demalle is Raised to the Stole. (Gray) – 8 Year Reign

797 NE – Zeranda Tyrim is Raised to the Stole. (Brown)

754 NE – Myriam Copan is Raised to the Stole. (Green)

732 NE – Feragaine Saralman is Raised to the Stole. (Blue) – 22 Year Reign

705 NE – Marasale Jureen is Raised to the Stole. (Yellow) – 27 Year Reign

681 NE – Cemaile Sorenthaine is Raised to the Stole. (Gray) – 24 Year Reign

638 NE – Varuna Morrigan is Raised to the Stole. (Green) – 43 Year Reign

601 NE – Gerra Kishar is Raised to the Stole. (Gray) 37 Year Reign