Novices & Accepted

Hello ladies and gents dressed as ladies. *winks* My name is Amadine and I am the Novice and Accepted AGL, which means basically I own you. *mwahahaha* Ok no seriously, this means that I am here to help you with any questions you may have as a Novice, Accepted, or Aes Sedai. So let’s get started, you should have been sent a welcome letter when your bio was approved and cross checked. That has a lot of important info inside of it, but just in case you lost it or forgot some of it, I will be giving links through out this very informative sticky. *cheesy grin* 😀

OP Score

Here at DM we have this great thing called the One Power system; this tells you what you can and can’t do as far as weaves and such go.
So some links about the OP system:
OP scores
OP Skill Points
How the OP system works
What scores you need to do what weaves
Want to know what it is, here is the weaves description list


You can also have a roommate or two if you really want them, these are not to be confused with pillowfriends. Though you can have your roommate be your pillowfriend, makes things more convient. 😉 You roommate is chosen by you, this means you post and you find someone or they find you, or you can have your own room. We no longer keep a list of roommates, but don’t let that stop you having any 🙂

Novice and Accepted Raising Requirements

To report your reqs you need to have a thread here. Please read the sticky and follow the procedure for recording your progress, it helps keep me organised.  It is strictly your duty to report your reqs to me so make sure you actually do it or you will just keep wondering why you haven’t been raised yet.

If you have any questions you can contact me at amadine[a] or on MSN ajharper78[a] The email for prank approvals and questions is DMWTBIOS[a] Bios should be submitted on the form here.