Talent Table – Who has what?

This is for those seeking to apply for a Talent. Below is the current distribution of Talents in the White Tower, please check beforehand if there are any ‘Talent slots’ available for the Talent of your choice, and if you meet the prerequisites to actually be able to use it in the first place.

An additional note:  Any returning character that has been away from the RP for over 6 months and who wishes to have their Talent back must wait 3 months before applying to have the Talent again.  You may include the Talent in your character history and bio if it is integral to your character, but you may not create any new RPs with the Talent until your new application is approved after the 3 months.

Talent slots
Talent Number Characters Allowed Notes Open
Aligning the Matrix 1 Claire 2 none 1
Cloud Dancing 1 Janine 3 none 2
Create Ter’Angreal 2 Cara, Maegan 2 Rediscovered 0
Delving (Earth) 1 Jaydena 1 none 0
Dreaming 0 none 1 none 1
Dreamwalking 2 Iriana Tenialle 3 Rediscovered 1
Elin Hawes Rediscovered
Earthsinging 1 none 0 none 1
Foretelling 2 none 0 none 2
Healing (Age of Legends) 2 Nynaeve 1 none 1
Healing (Major) Special All Yellow Special Must be Yellow. All Yellows who don’t have another Talent get this. X
Know Ter’angreal 2 Melianna 2 none 0
Bennu Abravanel none
Elyssa – Inactive may reapply if open
Listening to the Wind 3 none 0 none 3
Milking Tears 2 Eqwina, Raeyn 2 Black Ajah Only 0
Reading Auras 1 Kate al’Ker 1 none 0
See Ta’veren 1 none 0 none 1
Shielding 2 Lavinya 1 none 1
Weave Resurrection 2 none 0 none 2

Application Form

Handle: (Player name)

Name: (Character name)

Talent: (What it’s called)

Requirements: Air __, Earth __, Fire __, Spirit __, Water __, Skill __

OP strength applicant: Air __, Earth __, Fire __, Spirit __, Water __, Skill __

Availability: __ out of __ slots open


(insert reason why you want the Talent)

RP Plans:

(insert what your plans are should you have the Talent)


(insert how your character will discover they have the Talent)

When properly filled out, please email this form to dmwhitetowerstaff[at]gmail[dot]com. Please take note that after receiving a Talent, your character needs to make regular use of it in order to be allowed to keep the Talent. That’s not to say you need to use it all the time, but as long as you make sure it’s being used every month or so there shouldn’t be a problem with your character occupying the slot.