NSW Page

The use of one of these NSW bios is only allowed if you have gotten permission of one of the Staff Members.

Blue Ajah
Alyssil el’Doan (NSW General Purpose)
Asyndara Ellenios (NSW, Out-of-Tower RPs; in exile)
Delanna Azurine Caval (NSW General Purpose)
Larese Aleszar (NSW General Purpose)
Mariella Jerin (NSW General Purpose)
Nastasia Romanovni (NSW General Purpose)
Sareine Kajira (NSW General Purpose)
Seithra Nemdahl (NSW, Pre-main timeline only, was sworn to Dragon Reborn at Dumai’s Wells.)

Brown Ajah
Beldeen Mahallen (NSW)
Fianna Angholain Meredith (NSW General Purpose)
Maera Aporos (NSW General Purpose)
Myra Chadford (NSW General Purpose)
Sada Kuchim (NSW General Purpose/Sitter)
Sarita Kalian (NSW General Purpose)
Vivaine Nimoe (NSW General Purpose)

Gray Ajah
Finella Dinesh (NSW General Purpose)
Freja Peyrodin (NSW Sitter)
Marita Cedras (Dumai’s Wells; only for pre-main timeline RPs)
Ophelia Seragon (NSW General Purpose or Sitter)
Shyla Adair (NSW General Purpose)
Yola Gotari (NSW General Purpose)
Ziya Asunawa (NSW Sitter/ General Purpose)

Green Ajah
Arenya Dasarno (NSW General Purpose)
Brid Rivalyn (NSW General Purpose/Sitter)
Brigita Lechantin (NSW, Pre-Main Timeline RPs only; was Stilled after Bowl of Winds RP)
Eriya Marithsen (NSW General Purpose)
Kareja Niatari (Sitter NSW)
Maechella Verlein (Sitter NSW)
Misa Asmi (NSW General Purpose/Sitter)
Oriella Distung (NSW Sitter)
Sashelle Mitsobar (NSW Cleansing RP)
Vainte Altonen (NSW General Purpose)
Vira Demarcias (NSW General Purpose)

Red Ajah
Allegra Toren (Dumai’s Wells, only for pre-main timeline RPs)
Anthea Luin (NSW General Purpose)
Caval Laralyn (NSW General Purpose; only for pre-main timeline RPs)
Phaedra si Artema Dematre – (NSW Ajah Head)
Portia Larisen (NSW General Purpose)
Presea Reimar (NSW Cleansing RP)
Saya Rishada (NSW General Purpose)
Tatiana Muireach (NSW Sitter; was for BA Hunt part Deux)
Viviana di Corra (NSW Sitter)
Zedanya Mioro (Cleansing RP NSW)

White Ajah
Adrai Tynin (NSW Sitter)
Ismine Dorl (NSW General Purpose or Sitter)
Suzaku Nalemar (NSW General Purpose)
Thanelle Kelgwar (NSW First Reasoner)
Umeka Marhadi (NSW General Purpose)

Yellow Ajah
Desandre Casban (NSW Sitter)
Fayth Do’vin (NSW Infirmary/Yards)
Frieda Parr (NSW Sitter)
Miranda Carial (Black Dumai’s Wells rescue; only for pre-main timeline RP’s)
Nicola Selvern (Dumai’s Wells rescue; only for pre-main timeline RP’s)
Sendra Aldridge (NSW Sitter)

Kristen do Apollios a’Nymerion (NSW)

Tobin al’Necien (NSW)
Vanya Tisu’un (NSW)
Kindra Tsiunred (NSW)
Sarah Lachlan (NSW)
Irina Lurtney (NSW)
Nadine Templar (NSW)