Ter’angreal are objects that focus the One Power in a specific manner. Some require a specific weave channeled to trigger them; others require no channeling at all. Ter’angreal are among the most numerous of the objects of power that have been recovered in the years since the Breaking, but they are also the most misunderstood. The Brown Ajah and other sisters have made strides in understanding and testing these items; and despite accidental deaths and severings, our knowledge of them has been increased dramatically. While it is still dangerous to work with these items and they should be treated with care, it is whispered that there are some within the Tower with the ability to not only unlock the secrets of old ter’angreal, but also create new ones.

Ter’angreal List

Trefoil Cube
Dark Viewer
Whispering Pin
Transcriber Box
Water Delver
Temp. Manipulator
Water Sphere
Bracelet of Warning
Arm-band Well
Male Spirit Ring
Earth Ring
Summoning Rod
Dream Ward
Spirit Ring
Eyes of Shadow
Winged Feet
Weather Ring
Dream Trap
Saidar Reflector
Turtle of Time
The Mask
Copper Delver
Alarm Bell
Saidin‘s Roses
Everlasting Water Bottle
Water Locator
Ring of Seven Bands
Channeler’s Bane
Healing Scepter
Dagger of Destiny
Beserker Spear
The Lifter
The Nightingale
Lightning Glass
Piles Protector
The Lady of Links
Ruby Tear Drops
Far Seer
The Golden Seed
Hummingbird Well
Fish Attractor
Reflect Belt
Teardrop & Sun Well
Brooch Well
Swift Bracelets
Travel Journal
Tel’aran’rhiod Earring
Saidin Signet
The Beloved’s Bond
Tel’aran’rhiod Diadem
Shadow Alert Necklace
End of Days Lockets
Folded Light Bracelet
Air Freshener
Cuendillar Transmuter
LtW Earrings
Water Inverter
Saidin Reflector
Arms of Air Rod
Comb of Colors
Insightful Specs
Anti-Eavesdropping Ring
Recall Ring
Wild Kingdom Bells
Water Ring
Brother’s Keeper Box
Book Finder

Ter’angreal Name: Trefoil Cube
Ter’angreal Description: A small ivory cube with carvings on 4 sides, an avensdora tree just beginning to grow, one in full life, one with leaves falling, and the last with the tree dead.
Ter’angreal Uses: This cube can be used to cleanse small areas of the ways. Channeling into the new growth would create new bridges where they have collapsed, the full life one would strengthen what is already there. The falling leaves and dead tree sides would do the opposite, weaken paths or destroy them completely (such as the gate to the blight).
Ter’angreal Trigger: Earth and Water
Other History: The ways used to be maintained, but have fallen into disrepair by the taint, etc. The catch is, using this item will attract Machin Shin surely as anything, and it does not do anything about the darkness of the ways, just strengthening of the bridges, etc. If it was tested inside the Tar Valon waygate, perhaps a party can be dispatched to the ways to strengthen what they can. Concept by Claire, brought back to Tar Valon by Claire after a long trip in the continent.

Ter’angreal Name: Transcriber Box
Ter’angreal Description: An ebony box about 5 inches by 5 inches, when spirit channeled into, front side of box opens into an inverted pyramid shape.
Ter’angreal Uses: The ter’angreal records images of things…think of that ter’angreal mentioned in the books that puts out an image of waterfalls and stuff…this would record the user’s image and sound as well, to be retrieved later.
Ter’angreal Trigger: Spirit
Other History: Concept by Claire, brought back to Tar Valon by Claire after a long trip in the continent.

Ter’angreal Name: Water Sphere
Ter’angreal Description: A six inch diameter jade sphere carved with images of waves and clouds.
Ter’angreal Uses: It’s used to control bodies of water (an area no larger than 100 yards around though) causing Moses and the Red Sea effect.
Ter’angreal Trigger: Unknown.
Other History: Concept by Claire, brought back to Tar Valon by Claire after a long trip in the continent.

Ter’angreal Name: Male Spirit Ring
Ter’angreal Description: Male ring ter’angreal. Part of a matched set of rings.
Ter’angreal Uses: When worn, gives a +2 bonus to Spirit.
Ter’angreal Trigger: Wearing
Other History: Concept by Egwainne Sedai.

Ter’angreal Name: Dream Warding Ter’angreal
Ter’angreal Description: A close fitting necklace no matter what size the neck, it is silvery white and twisted so as to trick the eye. Dangling off it all the way around to the clasp and back are tiny golden baubles that lay cool against the skin no matter what. The clasp allows the necklace to be removed easily should there be need.
Ter’angreal Uses: Wards dreams, and if probed, it makes the intruder very ill.
Ter’angreal Trigger: Can be used by anyone.
Other History: Created by Aes Sedai during the War of Power, this assured any nonchannelers involved in the higher levels of power that they would not be haunted by the forces of the Shadow in their sleep in truth. Or at least that is how it was advertised. Along with several other Ter’angreal, it was stored away by Aes Sedai scrambling to preserve as much as possible after the Breaking.

Ter’angreal Name: Winged Feet
Ter’angreal Description: Flat Silver disc, inscribed with a pair of wings, and having a spike on the back allowing it to be worn as a brooch.
Ter’angreal Uses: When worn, the ter’angreal puts out flows of air that effectively lift the wearer up to make him/her run faster.
Ter’angreal Trigger: Worn, can be used by anyone, not just channelers.
Other History: Was created in an attempt to outrun the Gholam in the War of Shadow, since the Power did nothing against them. It came to the Tower when a girl had been wearing it to win races on feastdays and thought it would be clever to beat the women in the Tower. When it was taken off her and she lost her race, they realised what it was. She insisted her father had made it for her, when she had in fact stolen it froma peddler. It’s descent backward is untracable. It has been in the Tower for several years since and has no other uses. Concept by Kaylan.

Ter’angreal Name: Saidar Reflector
Ter’angreal Description: Small silver mirror, oval in shape and extremely plain.
Ter’angreal Uses: Reflects saidar weaves so that anyone can see them when looking in the mirror.
Ter’angreal Trigger: Looking in the Mirror at someone weaving saidar.
Other History: Made by a male channeller in the Age Of Legends, and is seemingly useless since every attempt to duplicate women’s weaves resulted in disaster. Ended up being used by a hunted man to see Sheilds coming at him at the end of the War of Madness, and was kept by his eventual capturers. Rumours of a similar device to show men’s weaves exist, but are unconfirmed, mainly due to the untestable nature of the devices thought to be such, with generally no males channelling in the Tower. **Note: The male equivalent was found in Namandar. Concept by Kaylan.

Ter’angreal Name: Copper Delver
Ter’angreal Description: Green jade figurine of an animal with a very long neck and long legs (a Girrafe) thought to be from before even the Age of Legends.
Ter’angreal Uses: Glows when it passes over or near the metal copper.
Ter’angreal Trigger: Triggered by saidar, when the user puts a thread of Earth into it.
Other History: It was, in actuality, made in the Age of Legends, being one of a set that located metals for those who were weak with Earth and could not Delve themselves. The rest of the set (including animals such as panther, elephant and lion) was lost over the years, with three figurines being held by the last known owner being a Border Lord of Kandor. He did not know about the real use of the figures, merely thinking them pretty old things, and the rest of them were lost when his wife left him and smashed them in a rage. He threw the figure out of his home, where it was picked up by a peddler and sold to an Aes Sedai who suspected what it was, if not it’s use. Concept by Kaylan.

Ter’angreal Name: Everlasting Water Bottle
Ter’angreal Description: Heavy, thick glass bottle, clear but for the green tinged stopper.
Ter’angreal Uses: The bottle always contains clear and cool water.
Ter’angreal Trigger: Usable by anyone.
Other History: It was created by a male channeler who wished to remember his mountain home, so he bottled the water there and transformed the vessel into a ter’angreal. It has been passed down over the years by various adventurers, fetching a good price at market when the truth of claims about it’s “peculiarity” became known. This is how it came into the hands of the Tower, with an Aes Sedai Bonding the current owner. Concept by Kaylan.

Ter’angreal Name: Channeler’s Bane
Ter’angreal Description: Necklace made of bright white metal which is extremely soft. Long enough that it can reach the wearer’s belly button with it’s pendant – a blue opal stone oval in shape.
Ter’angreal Uses: The necklace has the effect of giving anyone who wears it that can channel headaches. What is not known about the necklace is that when Fire is channelled into it, the stone turns red and has the exact opposite effect.
Ter’angreal Trigger: Worn by a channeler, male or female.
Other History: Seems completely useless, was in actual fact made as a joke in the Age of Legends and was used for some time as a form of novice test – and a test on men. Came to the Tower with a woman who was asking for Healing and was recognised for what it was. She was too old to become a novice, but had the potential to be an extremely strong Aes Sedai. Has been used mostly for its original purpose – pranking people – since it came into the storerooms. Concept by Kaylan.

Ter’angreal Name: Beserker Spear
Ter’angreal Description: Jet black spear made entirely from an unknown metal, inscribed with deep scratches down each side. The metal harder than any known substance and resists any attempts, using the Power or not, to make more marks or bends etc. in it’s surface.
Ter’angreal Uses: Has the effect of sending the user into an uncontrollable bloodlust until the Battle has ended. Has a different effect on channelers – they take on a temporary madness and break down with the remorse that was felt by every user of the spear as they came out of the Bloodlust.
Ter’angreal Trigger: Held in hand.
Other History: Was made in the first days of the War of Shadow as an attempt by the Light to match the Shadow’s armies, but ended up backfiring as the user will kill people on his or her own side as well as enemies. Came to the Tower after a Battle in the Borderlands, where every person except one was killed on the field and the user (and his weapon) were sent to Tar Valon for gentling (falsely accused). Has been studied by several Green Sisters, most of whom went into retirement as soon as they could walk again. Concept by Kaylan.

Ter’angreal Name: Lighting Glass
Ter’angreal Description: Similar to the Lightbulb
Ter’angreal Uses: Illuminates an area better than candles or oil lamps.
Ter’angreal Trigger: Requires no electrical power and is One Power Based. The Original is a touch turn on and is used as a desk lamp while the others light when one enters the room, And turned off either by leaving or a simple double clap.
Other History: After a small incident at the Academy (a weave gone wrong), Maegan looks at this as a “break through” in her research. Created IC by Maegan Ryanne.

Ter’angreal Name: Ruby Tear Drops
Ter’angreal Description: (Earrings) Simple red drop rubies.
Ter’angreal Uses: It grows cool when someone nearby holds saidin. It detects the direction of saidin but does not distinguish at close range.
Ter’angreal Trigger: Worn in proximity of male channeler holding saidin.
Other History: It was made during the Breaking specifically to detect a man channeling alone. Frequently used by Red Ajah members. Concept by Maegan.

Ter’angreal Name: Hummingbird Well
Ter’angreal Description: (Hair Pin) in shape of Silver Hummingbird
Ter’angreal Uses: It is a Well that can store saidar.
Ter’angreal Trigger: User draws saidar while wearing the Well, which fills it with saidar.
Other History: Occasionally used by Maegan Ryanne for Traveling to the Academy.

Ter’angreal Name: Silver Teardrop & Sun Well
Ter’angreal Description: (Hair Pin) A sphere similar to the sun and the Cairhien flag, it has a tear drop like the Tar Valon Flag.
Ter’angreal Uses: It is a Well that can store saidar.
Ter’angreal Trigger: User draws saidar while wearing the Well, which fills it with saidar.
Other History: Currently in the personal collection of Maegan Ryanne.

Ter’angreal Name: Travel Journal
Ter’angreal Description: Two journals with sister/mirrored books. There is currently a Brown pair and a Blue Pair.
Ter’angreal Uses: One pair (Blue) were first created in an experiment to transfer information from one book to another through the One Power. However there was a glitch, where one could be written in and show in the other book, but it could not be replied to, and if erased it disappeared from both books. Seeing the potential value to this, Maegan tried again and made another pair (brown) that allowed for communication to be viewed two ways. This pair also had a ward woven into the bindings so that only those linked to the journal may be able to read it. If another found the journals they would be unable to open it.
Ter’angreal Trigger: Writing in Journal
Other History: Created by Maegan Ryanne IC.

Ter’angreal Name: The Beloved’s Bond
Ter’angreal Description: 2 Tiny Rings, Two simple golden bands of seemingly Arafellin style (or close to it). Rings adjust mysteriously to fit the wearer when put on. Both seem to also manifest ‘engraved’ words on the band when worn they read (in old tongue) as follows:
Female: “Where so ever you may go”
Male: “In my heart I shall know”
Ter’angreal Uses: Wearer is keenly aware of the direction that the other wearer is from them and approximately how far. They are also aware of the wearers health and mental/emotional state. AT the moment of death the wearer will also know just how it occurred. (ie: poison, sword, drowning, etc… not details such as who stabbed whom.)
Ter’angreal Trigger: Wearing
Other History: These rings were crafted by an unknown Aes Sedai during the Age of Legends and may-well have been the inspiration fro the, later much more common, weave of ‘bond warder.’ Concept by Telcia, found in the ruins of Namandar by Jaydena.

Ter’angreal Name: End of Days Lockets
Ter’angreal Description:
Ter’angreal Uses: Female – Allows a woman who is capable of channeling to tap saidar even under the greatest stresses (ie: distraction, when angry, illness, or when other outside forces would make it difficult or nigh impossible) Locket grows icy cold when someone is spying on or eavesdropping on the wearers conversations/actions. Item grows intensely warm just before a surprise attack. If the wearer ever comes to learn what the warm feeling means this could be a life saving mechanic, ie: negating any surprise an enemy might have had.
Male – Allows male who is capable of channeling to tap saidin without effort and under duress (see above, same as women.) Disrupts weaves constructed of spirit which are NOT focused on healing. When exposed to individuals suffering from mental instabilities NOT brought about by ‘natural’ occurrences object acts as a dampener allowing the target to operate as if their madness were lessened (ie: would allow men suffering from insanity due to channeling saidin to have a sense of clarity while wearing this object) However, this object will not heal what damage that has already been done and so when the locket is removed, so is the dampening effect and men who remove the lockets are bound to find out why these did not ’solve’ the problem for ancient Aes Sedai. IE: Why they didn’t come into common use. The result is horrific and deadly as the taint they’ve held at bay for so long comes crashing down up on them in one huge wave of insanity. This, sadly, killed many men who had tested this object. Once put on, and kept on for a long period of time, it can almost not be removed at all.
Ter’angreal Trigger: Wear
Other History: Concept by Telcia, found in the ruins of Namandar.

Ter’angreal Name: Cuendillar Transmuter
Ter’angreal Description: Small oval box made of light wood. The surface is completely smooth and the lid comes off as it has no hinges. The box is not very tall so in fits only very tiny objects like bracelets or rings.
Ter’angreal Uses: When the lid is put on, the box turns the object(s) inside into Cuendillar over night (12 hours). If the lid is opened while process is ungoing, it takes new undisturbed 12 hours to finish the transformation no matter how far along the process was.
Ter’angreal Trigger: Object in box with lid closed
Other History: Concept by Lyanna, found in Namandar by Jozan.

Ter’angreal Name: Saidin Reflector
Ter’angreal Description: Small silver mirror, round with worked back with vines and flowers.
Ter’angreal Uses: Reflects saidin weaves so that anyone can see them.
Ter’angreal Trigger: Requires no weaves to trigger, merely for the presence of saidin.
Other History: Created by a woman who wished to study mens weave’s without linking, just after the taint was discovered. Was found in Namandar, where the maker lived, and left it as the Breaking began. Concept by Kaylan.

Ter’angreal Name: Insightful Spectacles
Ter’angreal Description: Square glass panels, held by a copper frame with loops. Designed to be worn so that the glass sits over the wearer’s eyes.
Ter’angreal Uses: Allows the wearer to see the glow around women who are channeling, but also around men.
Ter’angreal Trigger: There is a small star design on one of the copper pieces, which must have Spirit Channeled into it to activate the ter’angreal, but once done, it stays activated for ten days.
Other History: Was found in one of the houses in Namandar. Concept by Kaylan.

Ter’angreal Name: Dark Viewer
Ter’angreal Description: Hand length white tube, made of an extremely soft stone. Hollow centre.
Ter’angreal Uses: when looked through gives the holder (any person can use it) some sense of Fortelling about things to do with the Shadow.
Ter’angreal Trigger: Looking through tube
Other History: Was made by someone without the Talent who thought they had finally understood how it worked, but in their frame of mind, worried about the Shadow, they bestowed upon it the ability only to see things of a Dark nature. RP IDEA: Have the BA try to steal it once they find out what it does so they can see if they will win the Last Battle. Concept by Kaylan, found in Namandar.

Ter’angreal Name: Water Delver
Ter’angreal Description: Small purple stone brooch, circular with wavey lines on it.
Ter’angreal Uses: When worn so that the lines run horizontally, shows the wearer where Water is by making the stone feel hot. When worn so that the lines run vertically, completely cripples the wearer’s ability with Water… if a non channeller, makes them extremely thirsty.
Ter’angreal Trigger: Worn
Other History: Was created almost as a practical joke, with the juxtaposition of the two uses. Originally created for the first use, but the second was discovered by accident – it was the balance required to make the thing work. Found in Namandar. Concept by Kaylan.

Ter’angreal Name: Bracelet of Warning
Ter’angreal Description: Bracelet, made out of fine silver threads entwined together in an intricate braid. Glows a dull pink at night-time, even when not triggered.
Ter’angreal Uses: Heats up when a creature of the Shadow is near.
Ter’angreal Trigger: Designed for use by anyone, does not require the Power to work.
Other History: Was created as part of a set, almost mass produced, when the war of Shadow broke out. Was left in Namandar by it’s owner, who lived to regret leaving it. Concept by Kaylan, found in Namandar.

Ter’angreal Name: Earth Ring
Ter’angreal Description: Female ring ter’angreal.
Ter’angreal Uses: Gives a +2 bonus to Earth.
Ter’angreal Trigger:Worn
Other History: Part of a matched set of rings that do something special when all five are together. The Tower already has the Air ring but the Fire one is missing. Concept by Egwainne Sedai. Found by Sirayn in Namandar

Ter’angreal Name: Spirit Ring
Ter’angreal Description: Female ring ter’angreal.
Ter’angreal Uses: Gives a +2 bonus to Spirit.
Ter’angreal Trigger: Worn
Other History: Part of a matched set of rings that do something special when all five are together. Concept by Egwainne Sedai. Found by Egwainne in Namandar.

Ter’angreal Name: Weather Ring
Ter’angreal Description: Chunky finger ring, gold, large green stone that covers most of the first knuckle.
Ter’angreal Uses: Enables the wearer to have exceptional weather sense, but causes blinding headaches when used/worn for extended periods of time.
Ter’angreal Trigger: Weave of Air and Water 4.
Other History: Cause and cure for the headaches is unknown. Obtained from a lower class merchant in Tear who did not recognize it as a ter’angreal. Possible RP idea: figure out how to fix the headache problem, teaching tool for Accepted who can Listen to the Wind, or has Cloud Dancing Talent. Concept by Muirenn.

Ter’angreal Name: Turtle of Time
Ter’angreal Description: Jade turtle, encased in a crystal cube, six inches on a side.
Ter’angreal Uses: When triggered, the perception of time from the point of view of the user slows to 1/4 normal time and lasts for 1-6 hours. Observers will notice exaggerated movements and speech by user, and many users fall into a dreamless sleep.
Ter’angreal Trigger: Weave of Spirit 5.
Other History: Original use is unknown. Last studied by Corianin Nedeal (because of it’s effect of causing sleep in 1/3 of users). Noted to have arrived at the Tower as a curiosity purchased by an incoming novice, whose name has been lost. It was confiscated upon her arrival. Concept by Muirenn.

Ter’angreal Name: Alarm Bell
Ter’angreal Description: Brass-like bell with no clapper, but unlike brass is slightly malleable, a finger pressed against it will cause a slight indention which will disappear once the finger is removed.
Ter’angreal Uses: When weaved through will create an alarm ward attuned to Shadowspawn covering an area 100 paces in every direction.
Ter’angreal Trigger: Spirit 5, Earth and Air 3.
Other History: Was originally created during the War of Power to enable the troupes of Light to know when their campsite was being breached. Is commonly lent out to sisters travelling near or in the Borderlands. Concept by Muirenn.

Ter’angreal Name: Water Locator
Ter’angreal Description: Red goblet, painted with gold teardrops on the rim, the paint has never faded, or chipped.
Ter’angreal Uses: Will change color to Green to indicate the presence of an underground water source.
Ter’angreal Trigger: Does not need to be channeled into.
Other History: Dates back to a time just after the Breaking, when it was necessary to find water sources around which to build towns/villages. Has been used since then for this same purpose. RP Idea: With the Freelanders, establish a new town near Tar Valon, or find another well after one dries up. Concept by Muirenn.

Ter’angreal Name: Healing Scepter
Ter’angreal Description: Jade scepter, foot long and decorated with carvings that resemble feathers.
Ter’angreal Uses: Duplicates Major Healing Talent. After Delving the patient, the channeler may Heal her as if she possessed Major Healing Talent.
Ter’angreal Trigger:The user must fill the requirements of the Talent (Air & Water 5, Spirit 6 and skill 22).
Other History: In the Age of Legends all villages which Aes Sedai inhabitants didn’t have good enough the Healing Talent had a ter’angreal like this. This is not known information though, and the scepter in the Tower is the only of its kind discovered so far. It was brought to the Tower by one of the ajahs specialized in Healing who had passed it along from member to member since the Breaking and it is one of the oldest ter’angreals that the Tower has. It is never borrowed to sisters leaving on missions because it is too valuable to risk loosing.

Ter’angreal Name: The Lifter
Ter’angreal Description: A metal feather bound with wires to the inside of a wooden ring.
Ter’angreal Uses: While holding this object things are lighter to carry. Lowers their weight to 1/6 of the original.
Ter’angreal Trigger: Earth and Air 3
Other History:

Ter’angreal Name: Piles Protector
Ter’angreal Description: Animal statuette of a gray beast with very long snout and ivory horns coming out of its face on each side of the snout. It has legs that look like treetrunks.
Ter’angreal Uses: Cures Hemorrhoids
Ter’angreal Trigger: Spirit 4, Fire 3, Air 1
Other History:

Ter’angreal Name: Far Seer
Ter’angreal Description: A brass pyramid with clear stone inlaid to the top of it.
Ter’angreal Uses: Duplicates the Distant Eye weave with a bit of Earth focused through the crystal in exactly same kind of a form than the Distant Eye weave.
Ter’angreal Trigger: Requires skill of 32 to work (3 less than with the actual Distant Eye weave)
Other History: Found two hundred years ago from an antique shop in Murandy by a Brown sister with Talent of recognizing ter’angreal. Since that day until Kit Sedai uncovered it’s use, all newly Raised Browns who had interest in researching the objects of the One Power studied it because if it was triggered wrong, it caused a blinding headache that kept you from channeling for two weeks. Commonly accepted conclusion was that the pyramid required a specific weave, just the right elements weren’t enough, but even the most persistent sisters had given up and the task became reserved for the newly Raised and the fresh Browns were eager to prove themselves by finding the right weave for the pyramid. It wasn’t expected to try more than once.

Ter’angreal Name: Fish Attractor
Ter’angreal Description: Half fish, half woman statue made out of a blue stone that faded into green and then into yellow.
Ter’angreal Uses: Summons all fishes within a radius of a mile to swarm to you.
Ter’angreal Trigger: Dipping it into water so that circles spread on the surface.
Other History: In Age of Legends fishers used this ter’angreal to get bigger catches. This laid in the bottom of the Sea of Storms for hundreds of years until it tangled to nest of an Altaran fishing boat in NE 879. Valuable objects have before been lifted up from there so the fisher sold it with a good price to a snobish merchant. He made the mistake of bragging in an inn and a sister overheard him. The Gray didn’t recognize ter’angreals but she confiscated the object just in case. Trina Sedai of the Brown Ajah correctly deduced that it had something to do with water and found the use of this object after dipping it to a fish pond in Tower’s garden.

Ter’angreal Name: Brooch Well
Ter’angreal Description: A brooch, approximately the size of a baby’s fist, of gold filigree and amber stones in the shape of a turtle.
Ter’angreal Uses: Stores saidar. It’s capacity is not overly large but it is sufficient to hold enough saidar for either several simple weaves or one complicated one.
Ter’angreal Trigger: Draw saidar while wearing the Well to fill it.
Other History: Tiassale accquired it on a visit to her family estate in Far Madding, after her mother’s death. Tiassale suspects an ancestor of the Morobin’s could channel and passed the well down as a simple family heirloom. She only discovered its use well after she returned to the Tower. Concept by Tiassale.

Ter’angreal Name: Tel’aran’rhiod Ter’angreal
Ter’angreal Description: A twisted egg shaped earring with earthy colors. It feels amazingly smooth to the touch, but on the earring is engraved the image of true Aes Sedai, though that the image is this has been lost to myth, and unless looked for, the image is often missed or assumed to be only the Flame of Tar Valon.
Ter’angreal Uses: Worn by Corianin Nedeal a great deal during her time studying the ter’angreal, it is believed to have some connection to Dreamwalking or Dreaming. In truth, it allows a stable entry to Tel’aran’rhiod for those unknown to or unexperienced with it. However, extended use causes illness.
Ter’angreal Trigger: (Both saidar and saidin) This particular ter’angreal needs to be touched by a weave of Spirit (6 Minimum) in order to activate, but it does not require a continuous flow. It works as a switch, in effect turning on the ter’angreal, and once awake another probe will cease its effects. Due to this, some end up leaving the effects on even when awake, sometimes dozing into Tel’aran’rhiod when not meaning to, and therefore risking the illness that comes along with the ter’angreal.
Other History: Created during the Breaking of the World by scrambling female Aes Sedai lost amongst the chaos, it was meant to be used to contact other Aes Sedai to discover whereabouts and impart knowledge. Eventually it found its way to the Tower and was no longer needed, so it was stored away with a short note describing minimally its purpose. Only Corianin Nedeal has touched it since. RP Idea: Used to unlock Dreamwalking Talents or allow any normal sister to access Tel’aran’rhiod once its use is discovered. Concept by Menora.

Ter’angreal Name: Tel’Aran’Rhiod Diadem
Ter’angreal Description: A diadem made of diamonds.
Ter’angreal Uses: Use unknown IC (for others but Blacks). OOC: Allows wearer to enter Tel’Aran’Rhiod as they pass into sleep.
Ter’angreal Trigger: User must channel a thin flow of Spirit into the diadem to activate it.
Other History: Last study made by Corianin Nedeal, the last Dreamer of the Tower. One of the 13 items stolen by the Black Ajah.

Ter’angreal Name: Folded Light Bracelet
Ter’angreal Description: A twisted silver bracelet.
Ter’angreal Uses: Use unknown IC (for others but Blacks). OOC: Creates a weave of Inverted Folded Light around the wearer. Wearer must remain completely still while in the Folded Light or motion will be detected by observers as swirling of Light.
Ter’angreal Trigger: Must channel a weave of Air and Fire into the bracelet to activate.
Other History: Last study made by Nameyo Mislaine Cabarsin, White/Black sister. One of the 13 items stolen by the Black Ajah.

Ter’angreal Name: Listening to the Wind Earrings
Ter’angreal Description: Earrings inlaid with two large sapphire drops. When used, it appears that snow is twirling around in a torrent of wind inside.
Ter’angreal Uses: Attunes the channeler to weather based weaves and grants the wearer with the “Listening to the Wind” Talent. OOC: Gives a bonus of +1 to all of the Powers used to create any weather weave eg. rain, lightning, wind etc.
Ter’angreal Trigger: Worn
Other History: Last study made by Karana Majin. One of the 13 items stolen by the Black Ajah.

Ter’angreal Name: Arms of Air Rod
Ter’angreal Description: A polished black rod with one small turnip shaped end, one foot long and one inch in diameter. An imprint of clouds is inlayed in the butt of the rod.
Ter’angreal Uses: When Air is channeled into it, the rod may hold up to five people in weaves of Air at once. Channeling Earth into the rod may have devastating effects.
Ter’angreal Trigger: Air
Other History: Last study made by Karana Majin. One of the 13 items stolen by the Black Ajah.

Ter’angreal Name: Anti-Eavesdropping Ring
Ter’angreal Description: A polished stone ring small enough to be worn on the finger, even on the inner parts and twisted on the outer so that the eye becomes confused when attempting to follow the confusing pattern.
Ter’angreal Uses: Breaks eavesdropping wards in a certain range.
Ter’angreal Trigger: Worn
Other History: Last study made by Verina al’Merrin. One of the 13 items stolen by the Black Ajah.

Ter’angreal Name: Whispering Pin
Ter’angreal Description: A jade hair pin in shape of ancient Aes Sedai symbol.
Ter’angreal Uses: Hums softly when in the presence of another channeler, voice getting the stronger the more channelers is near. Glows when in the presence of a channeler who is holding on to the One Power.
Ter’angreal Trigger: Worn
Other History: Last study made by Karana Majin. One of the 13 items stolen by the Black Ajah.

Ter’angreal Name: Tempurature Manipulator
Ter’angreal Description: A small figurine of a frog made of aged ivory.
Ter’angreal Uses: Channeling Fire for heat or Air for cold into it causes the wielder to have control over the temperature of a limited area around her. The temperature change depends on the strength of the channeler’s weave. The wielder remains unaffected by the temperature change.
Ter’angreal Trigger: Fire or Air
Other History: Last study made by Karana Majin. One of the 13 items stolen by the Black Ajah.

Ter’angreal Name: Arm-band Well
Ter’angreal Description: Gold coiled arm-band that fits about the bicep and tricep, serpentine in appearance carved with a myriad of intricate labyrinthine designs.
Ter’angreal Uses: Acts as a Well attuned to saidar. Holds enough of the Power to complete three weaves within the user’s skill level.
Ter’angreal Trigger: Draw upon saidar while wearing Well to store saidar.
Other History: Last study made by Nameyo Mislaine Cabarsin, White/Black sister. One of the 13 items stolen by the Black Ajah.

Ter’angreal Name: Summoning Rod
Ter’angreal Description: A crimson rod, the width of a finger and about 7 inches in length.
Ter’angreal Uses: This rod serves as a communication device. Although no words or feeling can be heard of felt through this ter’angreal, by channeling thin flows of all of the Five Powers into both ends of this rod, the user can summon whomever gave them the ter’angreal. That person will know immediately that they have been summoned, and will know the exact location of where the user is. A note, this is extremely disrupting to the person summoned. The feeling is an awkward one, and the ter’angreal is to be used in the most dire of events.
Ter’angreal Trigger: All five powers.
Other History: Last study made by Raisha Novar. One of the 13 items stolen by the Black Ajah.

Ter’angreal Name: Eyes of Shadow
Ter’angreal Description: A statuette of a clutching a translucent globe of amber. Awfully life sized and so well crafted that the carving seems ready to take flight, the amber eyed raven is uncomfortable to hold and takes a strong willed person to use.
Ter’angreal Uses: Allows the user to form a connection with a raven, or similar creature (ie. A crow) through which they can see and hear.
Ter’angreal Trigger: A flow of Spirit must be channeled into a small opening at the bottom of the globe of amber.
Other History: Clearly connected to the Dark One. Dangerous. Last study made by Raisha Novar. One of the 13 items stolen by the Black Ajah.

Ter’angreal Name: Dream Trap
Ter’angreal Description: A completely clear crystalline carving of a turtle as small as a woman’s hand.
Ter’angreal Uses: Any woman who tries to channel through it goes to half a day of peaceful, dreamless sleep. OOC: When triggered correctly, this ter’angreal serves as a trap, to anyone who comes within its presence once it is set. Using only Spirit, woven into the center of the turtle’s shell, the trap is set. Whomever touches it afterwards will automatically be pulled into Tel’Aran’Rhiod, and unable to leave unless they are a Dreamwalker and can consciously enter and exit the World of Dreams.
Ter’angreal Trigger: Spirit
Other History: Last study made by Corianin Nedeal, the last Dreamer of the Tower. One of the 13 items stolen by the Black Ajah.

Ter’angreal Name: The Mask
Ter’angreal Description: A Golden mask, with the eyes closed, holes for the lips and nostrils. It is of a non-descript gender, and of average features, but it shapes itself to fit whatever face it is placed over, covering from chin to hairline. There is no visible way of fixing it to the wearers face. Around the forehead of the mask, and extending in a loop to its posterior, is a silver diadem that looks like it has been woven from silver thread, it is so fine. Yet it is as strong as iron many times its thickness. Suspended in the centre of the diadem is a tiny ruby, carved to look like an eye. One can remove the diadem from the mask using the Power, otherwise it remains firmly fastened.
Ter’angreal Uses: This Ter’Angreal can be used to enter into someone’s mind. The subject wears the Mask, and when it is attached, they immediately enter into a sleep-like state. The Aes Sedai in control can then wear the Diadem, channelling powerful amounts of Spirit and they too enter a similar state. They then enter what is not unlike a Dreamer entering someone else’s dream, only the entire contents of someone’s mind can be searched through, in symbolic form. A disciplined mind can resist the reader, but only to an extent. To leave this state, the reader simply stops channelling Spirit. The Mask must be removed before the subject can awake.
Ter’angreal Trigger: To unfasten the diadem requires Spirit [4]. Attaching the Mask to someone’s face requires Spirit [6] and activating the diadem requires Spirit [8].
Other History: This was created after the Breaking, by Aes Sedai wishing to understand the influence that the taint was having on the minds of male channelers. Bare mention of it is made, and it has not been used since, though items matching its description have been linked to treasures brought to Tear. RP Idea: Within the context of the Tairen RP I wish to return and study, as they did after the breaking, the minds of a gentled male channeler. However anyone with mental illness could technically be investigated, and perhaps cured. Concept By Rayne. Found in the Great Holding of Tear.

Ter’angreal Name: Saidin’s Roses
Ter’angreal Description: Stud earings, made from rubies, in the shape of rose buds.
Ter’angreal Uses: These, when worn, warm the ear slightly, like the heat of sunlight on a warm day, when a male channeler is nearby, with the heat increasing relative to his proximity, and how long he has been channelling. The heat can vary from almost imperceptible to almost uncomfortable.
Ter’angreal Trigger: Worn.
Other History: Believed to have been made by the Sisters immediately after the breaking, this Ter’Angreal assisted them in their hunting down of male channelers. Presumably a sister bested by such a man and killed lost the Ter’Angreal, and it made its way to the Great Holding, where an item matching its description has been described. Concept By Rayne. Found in the Great Holding of Tear.

Ter’angreal Name: The Ring of Seven Bands
Ter’angreal Description: Forged in the ancient world when the purity of saidar still extended to saidin, this ring is crafted from a silvery metal unknown to the current world. It shines even in the darkness of the night and the dullness of fog, the gleam of it’s alien metal beguiling. Seven bands make up the ring, stacked one atop the other with a heavy opaline stone set atop them.
Ter’angreal Uses:The ring brings the bearer increased wakefulness and alertness, although there is a price to pay for such a gift: when the ring is removed, exhaustion equal to what has been avoided catches up with the bearer. The longer one wears it, the worse the dreariness when it is taken off – up to and including complete unconsciousness. Furthermore, if it is worn continuously for the period of one year, the state of constant wakefulness will turn into a state of wraith-like insubstantiality. At this point, whether the ring is removed or not the bearer will have been borne from the physical world and into a spirit one, with naught that can be done to reverse it.
Ter’angreal Trigger: Worn
Other History: Concept By Isra. Found in the Great Holding of Tear.

Ter’angreal Name: The Dagger of Destiny
Ter’angreal Description: A curved dagger with the ability to give brief glimpses into ones possible future. It has an unbreakable blade that never needs sharpening, with a curved, pointed hilt and matching pommel. In the hilt is a beautiful mid-blue cabochon stone, a small one in the pommel.
Ter’angreal Uses:
Ter’angreal Trigger: Hold the dagger in the right hand, with the left hand on the blade. When both hands are on, the users left hand will clamp down on the blade. The release of blood is what allows the ter’angreal to work, making a circle (closed circuit) between it and the user. When a small weave of Spirit is channeled into the stone, the visions become slightly longer and more focused toward the actual future the user will have. No guarantees, however.
Other History:Forged in the Age of Legends, the dagger has been hoarded by nobles and poor alike. It is said many people have lost their lives to the ter’angreal, having held onto the blade for so long waiting for their ideal future that they bled to death. It’s rumored that Artur Hawkwing himself once used the dagger, and saw how powerful he would become. They claim this is what gave him the unfaltering confidence to take over all the known land. RP ideas: This could be used in conjunction with Kartos’ Foretelling. It also could be used to give characters false confidence, or lead them to make rash decision. If it fell into the wrong hands, such as a Black Ajah member, they could use it to make a very, very bad decision. Concept by Kartos, Found in the Great Holding of Tear.

Ter’angreal Name: The Nightingale
Ter’angreal Description: A leather girdle to be worn around the hips of a female channeler. The leather girdle is composed of several small strips of leather woven in an intricate braid. After encircling the hips once, the braids loosen and fall to about knee level of the average woman. At the end of each leather strip is a small black arrow made of an indestructible metal, yet shaven exceptionally thin. The arrows total ten and it is suspected every two corresponds to one of the five elements. Even when the arrows are jostled about, no sound is made.
Ter’angreal Uses: The Nightingale can only be worn by a woman who can channel. It must only be worn by the female to activate it. The girdle works as a Shadowspawn sensor and can easily out distance even the ability a warder has to sense Shadowspawn. When Shadowspawn are detected, the arrows will work as chimes and the sound like the song of the Nightingale is triggered as a warning. The ter’angreal is excellent in its ability to detect approaching Shadowspawn, but when worn in the Blight its ability is skewed. The sickness of the Blight interferes with the ter’angreal‘s ability and while at times it works perfectly, at others it will not sound until Shadowspawn are within view leaving the wearer with no advantage.
Ter’angreal Trigger: Worn.
Other History: Concept by Shaneevae, found in the Great Holding of Tear.

Ter’angreal Name: The Lady of Links
Ter’angreal Description: The Lady of Links ter’angreal appears to be made of diamond, a carving of a woman fighting her way against a strong wind, heavily clothed in a hooded cloak that conceals her face. There is a small silver chain that holds her cloak together, and somehow seems to be more realistic than any other part of the figure.
Ter’angreal Uses: This ter’angreal can bond objects to the user when channeled through it. The bond provides the sister with the awareness of the direction in which the object is and the distance between it and her; it also gives the user knowledge of what the bearer of the object feels, their current emotions. There are three ways in which the bond can be broken, 1- if it is removed by channeling through the ter’angreal again, 2- if the user dies, 3- if the object is severely shattered or destroyed; ex. torn into many pieces, burned, melted.
Ter’angreal Trigger: Spirit
Other History: RP idea: An AS could bond herself to an object of importance and it could be stolen (or sneaked off with by novices or Accepted). It could be used to find information about a person by bonding to something that they are rarely seen without; ex. when traveling with a large group of people who were unable to channel a sister could bond belongings of theirs to better understand their feelings on events or current situations. Only one object can be bonded at a time. Concept By Deyalyn, found in the Great Holding of Tear.

Ter’angreal Name: The Golden Seed
Ter’angreal Description: An acorn that shines brightly like polished gold when left for a few hours in the sun. Once used, however, it becomes dull and burnished.
Ter’angreal Uses: When someone is being healed the process takes a lot from them, and it leaves them drained and hungry. If, however, they are holding the acorn as the Aes Sedai channels to heal them, some of the energy needed is taken from the Ter’Angreal instead. It then goes dull, and needs to be recharged in the sun. It means someone who might die in the rigors of being healed could survive, or someone who needs to get on with things after healing can do so without being tired.
Ter’angreal Trigger: No trigger. Can be ‘used’ by anyone.
Other History: Concept By Rayne, found in Great Holding of Tear.

Ter’angreal Name: Reflect ter’angreal
Ter’angreal Description: Looks like: a belt with linked chains of metal that is to be worn around the waist
Ter’angreal Uses: Surrounds you for a short time (five minutes) with a shield that causes any weave of any element that strikes it to bounce back at the originator, leaving you unaffected by the attack. The shield is invisible for the eye of even a channeler. It also makes sure that you can’t weave anything while you’re still protected by the shield, but the fact that any offensive weave will bounce back makes the ter’angreal extremely useful to move quickly through a battlefield because it’s as much of a free pass to the other side as you can wish for in a battle situation like this. The Green Ajah would love to get their hands on a ter’angreal like this.
Ter’angreal Trigger: Putting it on and channeling tiny bits of all elements into it just once is enough to make sure you’ll be protected for a good five minutes or something.
Other History: Concept by Lanfir, found in the Great Holding of Tear.

Ter’angreal Name: Swift Bracelets
Ter’angreal Description: A matched pair of what looked like stone bracelets. They were red in colour, or at least had a red sheen, it was hard to tell in this light, and around the circumference was a black line, that zigzagged its way around the bracelet. Picking one of them up, Cara examined the inside of the bracelet and found the same markings. She had heard of bracelets like this, there had been a report she had seen in some musty old book. The report had described two matching pairs that could easily fit over a wrist and were meant to be worn. According to what she had read, the bracelets adjusted themselves to the size of the wearer’s wrist, and would not fall off.
Ter’angreal Uses: They were worn by Warders and it increased their speed, with a corresponding drain on their stamina if they were worn for long periods of time.
Ter’angreal Trigger: Worn
Other History: Concept by Cara.

Ter’angreal Name: Saidin Signet
Ter’angreal Description: Stone signet ring, except that the ring was blacker than anything she had ever seen before- nothing marred the darker than pitch black. Engraved upon it was the Dragon’s Fang. Holding it in her hand, it felt too light for it seemingly stone appearance. It was hard, though, as hard as any Tairen steel she had ever felt. The oddest thing, however, was that it felt like ice against her skin. She shivered as she felt its hard, smooth surface.
Ter’angreal Uses: It was supposed to heat up the closer a woman was to a man wielding saidin and if the Power was actually used on the woman wearing the ring ter’angreal it would burn her skin it would be so hot.
Ter’angreal Trigger: Worn in the presence of saidin
Other History: When she asked what it did, Kaylie Sedai told her it had been used in the Age of Legends to help hunt down male Aes Sedai. When it was supposedly made, the Hundred Companions were already wreaking havoc across the world, breaking it in their madness caused by the counterstroke or the Dark One.

Ter’angreal Name: Shadowspawn Alert Necklace
Ter’angreal Description: It was a necklace. It looks to be made from supple leather, but when she picked it up it was hard as steel. The only thing that didn’t belong on it was a rectangular silver bar hanging from the middle.
Ter’angreal Uses: Supposedly once put on it tightened to fit perfectly onto the wearer’s neck and wouldn’t come off unless someone else removed it through a complex series of weaves. The advantage to this though was that it was supposed to warn the wearer of Shadowspawn nearby. Different Shadowspawn gave different effects, and the number of Shadowspawn affected how potent the effect was.
Ter’angreal Trigger: Worn
Other History:

Ter’angreal Name: Air Freshener
Ter’angreal Description: Small marble butterfly, It was small, about half the size of her palm and the wings had a peculiar pattern to them. They were not like normal butterflies – as she had once seen many many years ago – but had a swirl to it, like marbled coloured glass. The colours shifted within the marble, as if on fire, but it was neither hot nor cold.
Ter’angreal Uses: Causes air in the room to shift, and the dusty smell slowly eased away, leaving a sent of a field with spring flowers in it.
Ter’angreal Trigger: Air
Other History: Concept by Maegan.

Ter’angreal Name: Water Inverter
Ter’angreal Description: Two white swans facing each other with necks bent to form a heart. Made of a material resembling porcelain and feels hollow. A span wide and half a span tall.
Ter’angreal Uses: Inverts weaves that use Water.
Ter’angreal Trigger: Channeling Water through the heart.
Other History:

Ter’angreal Name: Comb of Colors
Ter’angreal Description: A long-handled ivory comb with a small white crystal at the end of the handle.
Ter’angreal Uses: Formerly thought to age people due to not knowing how to use it properly. Changes the color of things that pass through it, but the teeth are too fine to be used for anything but hair or other narrow fibers. Running it through your hair makes your hair white. Running it through your hair while channeling Fire into the crystal turns your hair red. Channeling Water turns it black. Channeling Earth turns it brown. Channeling Air turns it blonde. Channeling Spirit turns it gray. Channeling combinations of any of the five make your hair fall out (Don’t worry, it will grow back). Colors and affects are like a permanent dye. It lasts until it grows out and is cut off.
Ter’angreal Trigger: Either a simple weave of any of the elements or nothing at all.
Other History:

Ter’angreal Name: Recall Ring
Ter’angreal Description: Fat bronze ring with a topaz embedded on it with scrollwork around it.
Ter’angreal Uses: Stores a weave much like a well stores saidar. Can only store one weave, no matter how simple or complex it is. It uses the stored weave whenever you wish, as if it delves into your mind and knows when you want it done. Fits any finger of any person.
Ter’angreal Trigger: Weave anything into it.
Other History:

Ter’angreal Name: Wild Kingdom Bells
Ter’angreal Description: Two small gold bells connected at their tops and dangling from a delicate gold chain.
Ter’angreal Uses: Weaving the flow into a certain bell sends out pulses that attracts all animal life(Mammals, fish, bugs, birds, etc) within a mile radius towards its source and makes them very docile. Weaving the same flow into the other bell causes all animal life within a mile radius to become extremely aggressive and repulses them. Once the weave is released, all effects are gone and the animals return to their normal temperament.
Ter’angreal Trigger: A weave of all five elements into either bell.
Other History:

Ter’angreal Name: Water Ring
Ter’angreal Description: Female ring ter’angreal.
Ter’angreal Uses: Gives a +2 bonus to Water.
Ter’angreal Trigger: Worn
Other History: Part of a matched set of rings that do something special when all five are together. Concept by Egwainne Sedai. Found by Jaydena in Namandar.

Ter’angreal Name: “Brother’s Keeper” Transcriber Box
Ter’angreal Description: A smooth, dark box.
Ter’angreal Uses: Plays a recorded message a male Aes Sedai who lived before and during the Breaking. The recording’s contents are sealed to members of the Red Ajah.
Ter’angreal Trigger: A weave learned by the Reds for this ter’angreal.
Other History: Kept in the Crimsom Chamber, a secret room in the Red Ajah Quarters. Concept by DM Red Ajah members.

Ter’angreal Name: Book Finder
Ter’angreal Description: Five small stonelike figures. Four shaped in the form of an open book (Senders), one shaped in the form of a closed book (Receiver). They are all small enough to easily fit into the palm of a grown woman’s hand and look like stone, but are very light in weight. They are copper colored.
Ter’angreal Uses: These can be used to call someone within a radius of 1500 feet (0.5 km). One person holds the sending half of the ter’angreal (the open book), the other person holds the receiving half (closed book). It is mostly used in the Tower Library. The librarians up front use the Senders to call a sister (using the Receiver) in the section of the Library sealed to the shawl, for assistance when needed.
Ter’angreal Trigger: A small thread of Air is channeled into the middle of the open book. The Receiver, usually hanging from a chain around the librarian’s neck, begins to glow softly yet with increasing intensity. The intensity of the glow increases or decreases depending on the position of the keeper of the Receiver in relation to the sender. The closer the Receiver gets to the Sender, the less intense the glow becomes. The further away, the brighter the glow. This helps in locating the Sister in the vast chamber of the restricted section of the Library. Once both halves of the ter’angreal are within 3 feet of each other, the Receiver stops glowing and does not start again unless the Sender is activated again.
Other History: Concept by Mystica. Carina al’Tara, Brown Sister, brought 1 (incomplete) set of these back from one of her journeys to Tear. Currently in the Library, in possession of the Brown Ajah.