The Gray Ajah

Ajah Mission

The Gray Ajah Sisters are the negotiators and peace keepers of the White Tower. Gray Sisters strive for harmony, consensus and unity and in doing so we use our personal skills, our deep knowledge of law and our voice of reason to guide us. The truth is a tool we use, along with our knowledge of law, custom and personal relations. A Gray Sister has to be aware of her surroundings, every word she says can make or break a treaty and thus she is like a spider in the web and a fly on the wall overlooking it all. A Gray knows her place in any situation, she is trained to put her own feelings aside if need be to negotiate what is best for all involved, and what is best for the Tower.

One will find the Gray Sister at work as an advisor to Royalty or Houses in countries all over the world. The Gray’s passion lies in Peace. She will use her knowledge of different countries and laws, as well as her skill in negotiating and mediating to attain peace. It is said that when Tar’mon Gaidon comes, the Gray will negotiate peace with the Dark One himself. A Gray Sister can be found at Court, where she can act as an Advisor or as a Judge. She will always have the role of an ambassador for the White Tower. However, she will not allow this to interfere with her work in the world. A Gray can also be found as a mediator in conflict and she could be asked to make up a contract for trade. Because of our knowledge of Tower Law, the counsel of the Gray Ajah is also sought when dealing with complicated issues regarding the internal affairs of the White Tower.

If you have any questions about the Gray Ajah or would like to join the Ajah, please contact Claire, the ADL for Aes Sedai, or the Ajah Head.

Concepts most likely to join:

Negotiators, peace keepers, lawyer like personalities, advisors, manipulators, debaters

Current Leadership and Members:

Head of the Ajah*: Themis do’Modron a’Rhiannon (NSW) (Last controlled by Phelix)

Sitter: Pia Tovisen – In charge of Eyes-and-Ears Network – Lavinya: lavinyasedai[a]gmail[.]com
Sitter: Ziya Asunawa (NSW played by Quisalas Selene): quisalasrah[a]
Sitter: Freja Peyrodin (NSW) (Created by KeyHolder21)
Sister: Alicatia Sunoma: matalina[at]gmail[dot]com
Sister: Cetaile din Lenaara: clairesedai[a]yahoo[.]com
Sister: Lavinya Morganen: lavinyasedai[a]gmail[.]com
Sister:: Ophelia Altair: tigara[a]

* Note: The Head of the Ajah is a carefully guarded secret. You will not know who is head of the Ajah ICly unless you are a member of that Ajah. Grey Ajah members call their Ajah Head the Head Clerk.