Code of Conduct

Note This will be in effect as of December 12, 2007.

* All staff members that report directly to the PSW Community Admin or Community Admin must post a LOA if they will be unable to check DM’s boards or their email for longer than four days.

*If a LOA in excess of 30 days is required, the staff member must resign. All positions require active leadership and management, which cannot occur if you are absent excessively.

*Unannounced LOA’s will be treated as job abandonment. Offending staff members will be terminated after two weeks unannounced absence.

* Extensions of LOA lasting past 30 days will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

*LOA’s should be posted on the relevant Staff board and the Admins should not be expected to go searching through the site looking for a reason why said Staff member is not around.

*All of the above points apply to RP Group Staff as well.

*All Staff will act in an adult manner showing respect at all times while on the boards, staff or otherwise, to both players and fellow staff members. It is the position you respect not the person.

*When a decision is made and it is not the decision a player or member of Staff wanted, they will accept it with good grace and move on. Continually badgering and haranguing about the decision will result in a warning. If the warning is ignored an official written warning will be sent out. This official warning is to be crosschecked by the RGL, in the case of it being sent to a player by an AGL. In the case of an official warning being issued to an AGL this will be sent out by the RGL who will cross check it with the Admin/Admin Assistant. in the case of an official warning being issued to a RGL, the Admin will deal with it

Any member of Staff who is issued with an official warning will automatically be fired and a replacement installed.

If the warning is over looked and the behaviour persists a 30-day ban will be enforced.

If the 30 day ban is breached, or if the player returns and carries on in the same manner a three month ban will be enforced.

If after this the player continues to behave in what is deemed an aggressive and over bearing manner, then a permanent ban will be issued, with no appeal.

*The Staff structure will be adhered to and any person, Staff or player, who tries to circumvent this structure, will be told to talk to the appropriate member of Staff and it will be explained to the member of Staff that the person tried to work around them.

*Staff Structure

Admin -> Assistant Admin (RP) -> Group Leader (RGL) -> Assistant Group Leader (AGL)

The Assistant Admin (RP) and the RGL’s are the Admin’s Staff and as such are appointed by her. The AGL’s are the RGL’s Staff and are appointed by the RGL after consultation with the Admin and/or the Assistant Admin.

By consultation we mean that the RGL asks for applications, chooses the most likely candidate and then sends ALL applications to the Admin who will discuss it with his Assistant. This should be a formality as we have yet to over rule anyone, but it is a formality that will be observed by all RGL’s.

Appeals Process
1) A member takes their proposition to the AGL of their RP Group.

2) If the AGL turns the proposition down and the member is unhappy and a compromise cannot be reached, the member notifies the AGL that they are bringing the issue in front of the relevant RGL.

3) If the RGL also says no, there is one last chance of appealing.

4) The member posts an official appeal and states their case. Their words are posted to the PSW Staff board where a decision is made. If the RGLs are split on the decision, the Admin’s word is the final. After this, any further haranguing about the matter will result in an offical warning.