Designing an RP Outline

When is an RP Outline necessary?

– Whenever your roleplay is going to involve other members of your division or another in more than just a social setting, or if the topic of conversation has a large effect on the game. (IE: The discovery of the Black Ajah, The Dragon Reborn, Any event linked to the Main Plot of the PSW etc.) If you”re not sure if your RP will require a write up, ask the DL or the NAC and they”ll help you out. For help with writing classes talk to the Head Mistress.

What must an rp outline include?

– A statement of what the RP is about. This should take only a sentence or two. Example: A group of novices discover the diary or a Sister from the Age of Legends which leads them to trying some very dangerous weaves, as well as the discovery of one”s unknown talent.
– A timeline and detail of events that are to happen. This should be IC and OOC. Most RPs should not last more than one month lest people lose interest. Example:
*** Early morning – Three novices are working in the library. Bantering about life in the Tower. RL Time: Three days to finish.
*** About Breakfast – Girls are getting ready to go eat when one girl speaks up saying she’s found something interesting. It’s the diary. Girls debate about what to do with it. Some say it is wrong to read it and others say its not. One girl leaves, upset over it all. RL Time: One Week.
*** A bit after Breakfast – Girls happen upon some details about weaves and talents. Begin discussions on what they wish they could do. Someone suggests trying some of the weaves. Some are nervous. In the end the girls agree to meet in their room that night to try. RL Time: One Week.
*** Afternoon – One girl who left over hears some talk about the get together. Scared for her friends she debates about telling the MON. RL Time: Four Days.
*** Night – Girls gather and try some various weaves. Talent is discovered much to the girls’ joy and shock. Girl who had left earlier that day decided to go to MoN – as a result the MoN will walk in and break up the group giving them a punishment and warning about the dangers of what they’ve done. Novice’s talent is now known to the Tower. RL: One week
– List of those involved. In our example above it might have been: Arette, Telcia, Kit, Karana, and the MoN.
– A list of special items or weaves of note that might need to be approved. In this case it would be the book that the girls found. In another example it might be an angreal.

Who do I send the RP Outline to when done?

For all inter-org rps you must send the design to your Division Leader and the other Org”s Division Leader as well via email. Realize that these sort of rps might take longer to be approved as they effect a larger portion of the game, plus players and staff have to deal with RL too. *smiles* If you are a novice or accepted the ADL in charge (Leona) must be contacted. If you are getting ready to teach a class you will need to follow the instructions on the class page AND send it to the Headmistress via email as well.