The Yellow Ajah

Ajah Mission

The essence of the Yellow Ajah is Healing but it is not their sole purpose. A Yellow can become advisor, warrior, traveler – whatever they please. However, no other Ajah can perform the feats that the Yellows do.

Healing the injured, saving victims from certain death, giving hope to those without: for a lifetime of service to men while retaining the choice to do whatever you like, look no further than the Yellow Ajah.

If you have any questions about the Yellow Ajah or would like to join, please contact Chaelca, the AGL, or the Ajah Head (currently vacant).

Concepts most likely to join:
Healers of all kinds from Mothers to Wisdoms.

Current Leadership and Members:

Ajah Head (First Weaver)

Desandre Casban (NSW) – Controlled by current OOC Ajah Head – Kathleen

Sitters of the Hall

Camigwen Klatsang Marivin – Former First Weaver – Wayward_fool

Eqwina al’Caupthn – Eqwina

Carys Demot – Keyholder21

Yellow Ajah Aes Sedai (Active)

Celestine Erebruz – Jagen Sedai

Seheria Mori – Sister – Kathleen

Yellow Ajah Aes Sedai (Inactive/MIA)

Alexandra Virginia Tristar – Sister

Amico du Decken – Sister

Ata Dorje – Sister (Also Blue?)

Carmilla de’Shaire – Sister

Cavana Ashmein Telmarain – Sister; First Weaver after Lwena stepped down – ???

Chora Soraen – Sister

Elizabeth Ferido Tragico – Sister

Lwena Malarct – Former First Weaver (Went on Namandar RP)

Milagia y’Lehmku – Sister

Nynaeve Maryim Altuorah – Former Sitter – Nynaeve

Sarai Decoa – Sister

Sibel Whitewater – Sister

Vivien Senette – Sister

Zalena Tesora – Sister

NSW (Non-Specific Writer) Characters

These are characters who are basically Non-Player Characters (NPCs); while usually controlled or made by one person, they stay in world even if their writer/poster disappears. Ajah Heads are always NSWs but are listed above; Sitters, who may be NSWs or PCs, are also listed above.

NSW Sisters

Fayth Do’vin – Sister

Frieda Parr – Sister

Miranda Carial – Sister (Pre-main timeline only; this character was part of the Dumai’s Wells rescue group)

Nicola Selvern – Sister ( Pre-main timeline RPs only, was part of the Dumai’s Wells rescue team and forced to swear fealty)

Sendra Aldridge – Sister



* Note: The Head of the Ajah is a carefully guarded secret. You will not know who is Head of any Ajah IC’ly unless you are a member of that Ajah. Yellow Ajah members call their Ajah Head First Weaver.