The Brown Ajah

Ajah Mission

The Brown Ajah is extremely versatile. Other Ajahs may specialize but among the Browns you will find Sisters who could as easily fit any Ajah. Logical sisters, interested in philosophy; Aes Sedai talented at Healing; skilled negotiators, peace makers, and political experts who could play the Game of Houses in their sleep, all find their home in the hallowed halls of the Brown Ajah. The Browns are interested in everything and everyone, curious, eager to learn. The Library isn’t the only place where a Brown can learn; the Sisters can go anywhere, study flora and fauna, learn the customs of other lands, delve into old stories.

Brown sisters are interested in hard facts. The Browns are dedicated to their causes but don’t let passion blind them to rational thought. The Sisters are warm and caring, not only for each other but for history, education and tradition. They are women who appear to care only for the next page of their book but in reality have one foot in the past and one eye on the future.

If you have any questions about the Brown Ajah or would like to join the Ajah, please contact Claire, the ADL for Aes Sedai, or the Ajah Head.

Concepts most likely to join:

Lore Masters, teachers, scientists, inventors; just about any background you can imagine where research is at the core of it as knowledge can be gained almost anywhere!

Current Leadership and Members:


Ajah Head (First Chair)

Sada Kuchim (NSW) – Controlled by current OOC Ajah Head – [Position Currently Not Assigned]

Sitters of the Hall

Sada Kuchim (NSW)

Sarita Kalian (NSW)

Fianna Meredith (NSW)

Brown Ajah Aes Sedai (Active)


Brown Ajah Aes Sedai (Inactive/MIA)

Bennu Abravanel – Sister; has Know Ter’angreal Talent – Chikara

Callie Redhill – Sister; this character was dropped as a PC and never really used – Callie/Arette

Cara Ramsey – Sister – White Wolf

Carina al’Tara – Former First Chair; Inactive – Mystica

Claire al’Windischan – Former Sitter – Claireducky

Emroin Niromie – Sister; Character was abandoned by player – ashara

Eniara Kiserai Kisharad – Sister; unknown whereabouts (last went to Borderlands) – Eniariom

Kaylie Sarean – Sister – Kaylie

Kit Eriya Deranin – Sister; went to Namandar – kitsunelady

Leonora Tremaine – Sister – ???

Liara Casdene – Sister – katnight

Moira Eaelinas – Sister – ???

Poluna Navidari – Sister – ???

Raeyn Priya SaethyrFormer First Chair; Former Sitter – Raeyn

Shaneevae El’Edware – Former First Chair – Shaneevae

Taracia Starwind – Sister (pre-2005? nothing found on DM) – ???

Terra al’Beya – Sister – ???

NSW (Non-Specific Writer) Characters

These are characters who are basically Non-Player Characters (NPCs); while usually controlled or made by one person, they stay in world even if their writer/poster disappears. Ajah Heads are always NSWs but are listed above; Sitters, who may be NSWs or PCs, are also listed above.

NSW Sisters

Beldeen Mahallen

Maera Aporos

Myra Chadford

Vivaine Nimoe

Former Browns (PCs):

Karana Majin – Former Amyrlin; was deposed and stilled after it was discovered she knew about the Dragon Reborn (without telling the Hall).

Arette Stavros – Former Keeper; exiled from the Tower after Karana was deposed; only her pregnancy kept her from being stilled as well.

Kathana Travelear – The longest-reigned Amyrlin at 161 years. She had many Keepers.

Sabine – former Mistress of Novices under Kathana Travelear.

* Note: The Head of the Ajah is a carefully guarded secret. You will not know who any Head of an Ajah is IC’ly unless you are a member of that Ajah. Brown Ajah members call their Ajah Head First Chair, as the Ajah is run by a Council and the Ajah Head sits first among them.