The Black Ajah

Ajah Mission

Shrouded in secrecy and intrigue, the rumour of the Black Ajah has plagued the Tower almost since its inception. The Black Ajah has existed for as long as the other Ajahs and it consists of those among the Aes Sedai ranks sworn to the Great Lord. For centuries it was unknown to the other Ajahs, and even once they were aware, its existence was denied to the rest of the world. This is to prevent the name of Aes Sedai being blackened which would aid those already campaigning against the White Tower.

The Black Ajah is to be found within the ranks of every other Ajah, adopting their causes as necessary when going through their journey as Aes Sedai. However, above all else their loyalty lies with the Great Lord of the Dark whom they have sworn to serve. They are broken free of their oaths to swear new ones. Thus, unlike the rest of the Aes Sedai, they are able to utter a direct lie.

The Black Ajah as an equivalent to the Mae’shadar Council, was organized by Demandred who was never truly bound. They consist of a Council and smaller groups called Hearts. Each Heart consists of 3 Sisters who know of each other. Each Sister also knows one further Sister in another Heart. The Council consists of mostly elderly Aes Sedai who earned a place through a lifetime of service, but now and then younger ones may earn a place too. This Council of 13 knows the identity of the rest of the Ajah, as well as each other.

The Council is chosen by the Great Lord who obviously knows the identity of every one of his followers. As the Chosen were released, there came a choice among the Black Sisters of whom to serve, and not all kept following Demandred. As such, the loyalty of the Black Ajah as a whole has been split, functioning like a underground Shadow alignment with one common factor… they all serve the Great Lord, albeit through loyalties to different Chosen. For a Chosen to gain control of the Black Ajah in full they would need to gain the loyalty of the full Council, a feat not achieved since Demandred walked the ground alone.

Concepts Most Likely to Join

Anyone. Your best friend could be one. The Sister you have whispered with since novice days could be one. There is no set type for the Black Ajah. Only the Shadow knows what ties bind them.

Current Leadership

Unknown IC, for obvious reasons. Don’t try to find us, or we’ll find you…

Head: Alia Mariadoon, Blue Ajah


Raeyn, Brown Ajah

Cemarillinin, Green Ajah

Eqwina, Yellow Ajah

Faerzyne, Gray Ajah

Alicatia, Gray Ajah

Irina, Gray Ajah

Vera, Gray Ajah