The Green Ajah

Ajah Mission

The Green Ajah is widely known as the Battle Ajah. Their Sisters are on the front line of every fight against the Shadow. Only Greens are allowed more than one Warder and there is a reason for it: the Greens need extra protection while battling the Dark One. The Sisters learn and use battle weaves and also devise new ones. Preparing for Tarmon Gai’don, the Last Battle, is a central focus of the Green Ajah.

As the Ajah of sacrifice, the Green Sisters are willing to risk their own lives, and that of their multiple Warders, to protect and help those in need. The Green Ajah is the only Ajah in which the members are denied entrance to their Ajah at their Raising. You can learn more about this on our website. To be a Green Sister takes something special and the new Sister must be molded into the future formidable Sister of the Battle Ajah. After all, the Green Ajah stands ready and awaits the Last Battle with keen eyes and ready hearts.

If you have any questions about the Green Ajah or would like to join the Ajah, please contact Chaelca, the AGL, or the Ajah Head, U4ea/Lor.

Concepts most likely to join:

Warrior Spirits and Shadow Haters

Current Leadership and Members:

Ajah Head (Captain-General)

Amena Linoram (NSW)

Banner Captains (Sitters)

Loraine Kilaine U4ea

Rasheta Arshadir – Rasheta

Amena Linoram (NSW)

Green Ajah Aes Sedai

Jaydena Mackanthur – Defender; Former Captain-General; Former Sitter – Jaydena

Kathleen Vanidar – Defender – Kathleen

Janine Alastarn – Defender –  Quibby

Taia Misna – Soldier – Taia

Myrrhi Morrigen – Sister – Hrafnhildr (Active)

Cemarillinin – Sister – Liitha

Dulcinea Velasques – Sister – Muirenn

Karissa Sweger – Sister – Matalina

Eadon Isolde – Sister – Eadon Sedai

Eladari Menaka – Sister – Eladari Menaka

Gaea Berend – Sister – Avalonshroud

Kabria Delondre – Defender – Eqwina

Kaylan Morin – Sister – Kaylan

Ladria Damin – Sister – Ladria Damin
Zeveria Agotta – Sister – Nephitess

Markieta al’Moor – Sister – Markieta


Amena- n/a

Loraine – Kynwric Larind

Rasheta – Visar Falmien and Dante Kaldun

Kabria – Perivar Tarigan

Kathleen – Nevuel Strior (TTPC)

Myrrhi – Elessar Starfall


These are characters who are basically Non-Player Characters (NPCs); while usually controlled or made by one person, they stay in world even if their writer/poster disappears. Also, while the Ajah Head is always an NSW Character, Sitters may be NSWs or PCs. All Sitters and Ajah Head NSWs are listed above; regular sisters below.

NSW Sisters

Reimara – Very new sister; mentioned in a post.

Former Green PCs:

Lanfir – Burned out & disappeared (while Amyrlin) during/after Caladesh attack. 

Sirayn – Disappeared while Amyrlin


[Old/Defunct] Website: [Link Dead]

*Note: The Head of the Ajah is a carefully guarded secret. You will not know who the Head of any Ajah is IC’ly unless you are a member of that Ajah. Green Ajah members call their Ajah Head the Captain-General. Sitters are called Banner-Captains.