The Blue Ajah

Ajah Mission

The Blue Ajah is perhaps the most influential of the Ajahs, although one of the smaller ones (in the Wheel of Time at least). The primary focus of the Blue Ajah is to champion causes thought worthy by Aes Sedai standards, and to promote justice. Skilled at political maneuvering, Blues are also able administrators. Since Artur Hawkwing’s time, more Amyrlins have been Raised from the Blue than from any other Ajah. The Blue Ajah is known for having a vast ‘eyes and ears’ network informing them on matters of political intrigue. They are considered the most informed Ajah when it comes to the movement of power in the world or anything that concerns them. Typically, Aes Sedai, especially the Blue Sisters, do not share their information with other Ajahs and sometimes not even with their own Ajah. Many Blue Sisters are known for being skilled at Daes Dae’mar, also known as The Game of Houses or The Great Game. It was created by the nobles of Cairhien who took the style of intrigue created by the White Tower and gave it their own twist. An art of misdirection and subtlety, Daes Dae’mar has also been practiced by nobles in southern nations.

In short, the Blue Ajah is not concerned with means, their Sisters are all about goals. A Blue will gentle an Asha’man as soon as bond him, preserve some obscure knowledge as soon as obliterate it, mediate peace as soon as manipulate into a bloody conflict.

If you have any questions about the Blue Ajah or would like to join the Ajah, please contact Claire, the ADL for Aes Sedai, or the Ajah Head.

Concepts most likely to join:

Politicians, Nobles, “Activists”

Current Leadership and Members:

Ajah Head (First Selector)

Asyndara Ellenios (NSW) – Controlled by current OOC Ajah Head – [Position Not Currently Assigned]

[There is a conflict here; Asyndara was banished from the WT after she failed to become Amyrlin over Lanfir. However there is a note that “Asyndara became First Selector after Serena” handed over the reigns. There is no RP information available that indicates Asyndara should be the current Ajah Head.]

Sitters of the Hall

Alia Mariadoon (NSW)

Blue Ajah Aes Sedai (Active)

Ellisha Falwein – Sherper

Miahna “Mimi” Telonne – KeyHolder21

Blue Ajah Aes Sedai (Inactive/MIA)

Aerilyn Rain Baldagger – Sister – ???

Aeveryn Yewlis – Sister – ???

Ata Dorje – Sister (Also Yellow?) – Switched Ajahs but not sure which to which.

Espara Larine a’Dautry – Sister – ???

Elyssa Lliet – Sister – ???

Estel Liones – Sister – ???

Gera Mondwin – Sister – Phelix

Gianna Riatin – Sister – Claireducky

Ino Gevardian – Sister – ???

Kartos Dal’Avier – Sister – ???

Kieryn Ashadar – Sister – ???

Kira Tuvunenia – Sister – WolfbrotherKronos

Miya Kiyoshi – Sister – ???

Moraine Damond – Sister – ???

Regalia Frantelle – Sister – Wayward_Fool

Serena Morrigan – Sister; Former First Selector – SerenaMorrigan

Rossa Venye – Sister – ???

Sheena Amoren – Sister – ???

NSW (Non-Specific Writer) Characters
These are regular Sisters who are basically Non-Player Characters (NPCs); while usually controlled or made by one person, they stay in world even if their writer/poster disappears. Ajah Heads are always NSWs but are listed above; Sitters, who may be NSWs or PCs, are also listed above.

NSW Sisters

Alyssil El’Doan

Eowyn Bryce  – this character was killed during the Black Ajah Hunt RP.

Larese Aleszar

Mariella Jerin

Melian Krenin – For use in: None, this character died of old age during Estel’s raising

Meranda Sedai – For Use In: None; this NSW was killed.

Nastasia Romanovni

Noleme Jholdine – For Use In: None; this NSW was killed in the Wildfire RP.

Nydylia al’Seari – For Use In: None, this character was killed in the Namandar RP.

Sareine Kajira – Former First Selector

Seithra Nemdahl – For Use In:Pre-main timeline RPs, this character was sworn to the Dragon at Dumai’s Wells.

* Note: The Head of the Ajah is a carefully guarded secret. You will not know who any Head of an Ajah is IC’ly unless you are a member of that Ajah. Blue Ajah members call their Ajah Head First Selector.